Project | Incline and Favela Family

Crazy guitars, deep bass lines, drums that beat the rhythm of the heart, percussive beats, the sweetness of trombones and trumpets, the piano with the jazz face and the lovely metal voice of Incline. Upon hearing this album "My People", you will feel the frustration of wanting more. But do not worry, Incline and Favela Family will kidnap your ears and own your souls and your hearts.


Arranged and produced by:

Celso Guimarães and Calvin Wiggins

Project | Os Zèz

Os Zéz use deconstruction, rearranging lyrics and songs, adapting them to other rhythms and levadas, with strong influence of the African percussion.
Always with brushstrokes of humor and poetry, the repertoire of the concerts is a feast of songwriting and re-reading of great works of Brazilian and international popular music.

Renata Zé: Voice, guitar and lyrics.

André Sachs: Strings, piano 

Celso Guimarães: drums, percussion

Arranged and produced by:

André Sachs  Celso Guimarães:

Projeto | Dartaian and Coletivo Rasta

The ColetivoRasta is pleased to present the new face of Reggae Carioca Dartaian Gutemberg. Composer, instrumentalist and singer, he brings in his songs the vigor of the northeastern xote and the candy of rapadura in his lyrics. in studio now producing and recording his newest album that is almost ready to leave the oven and conquer the Reggae Nation world outside.
With an acoustic show full of grooves and serious Dartaian and Coletivo Rasta will shake the routine in Brazilian music.
Stay tuned, good music comes out there ...



Project | The Single Tanaka and Favela Family

Tanaka´s, first single, offers a fresh, contagious, sound that mixes the heart of black music, the groove of soul music, the improvisation of Jazz and, the vocal timing of Hip-Hop. Tanaka & Favela Family make words, sounds, rhythms and images to celebrate the diverse creativity of musicians, storytellers, movie-makers, and artists around the world. The results illustrate artistic and cultural diversity, with a message of unity running throughout.

Project | Talk to me Single by Incline and                            Favela Family

This is the Incline & Favela Family Project, a collaboration between FavelaMan, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and audio designer of the most varied sound, who has toured the world studying and following music; and Incline, composer, writer, and singer, and authentic heir to the Jamaican reggae of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Andy Horace and many others.

Project | Vinicius Curta Metragem

Learning takes time ... It takes patience, dedication, commitment and a lot of strength of will! I will not say it was easy, but I guarantee it was enriching! The process as a whole ... Since the capture of the images in 2013. The first cut in 2014. The forgetfulness in the following years ... Doubt, uncertainty, insecurity, fear ... Fear above all of not reaching the greatness of his soul. Vinicius has much to teach, and to whom it is available, he shows all his affection, attention and affection. That's what he gave us in the 3 days of filming. Completing this film was difficult, not only for the work itself, but also because it was he who was there, ready for the world to see. May the world see you Vinicius! My heart is full of pride in having, as the first film of my producer, this work so significant for us, creators and creators of the project! Fly ... fly high Vini, because you deserve it!

Direction and Photography: Fran Mattoso
Screenplay and Editing: Renan Amaral
Sound and track editing: André Sachs and Celso Guimarães

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